Aviary for Android Version 3.0 Makes Mobile Photography Even More Awesome


Mobile photography is a pretty serious businnes by now. Even Adobe realized that and made a Photoshop app for mobile devices, so you can edit your pictures on the go. For those who prefer free apps over paid ones, Aviary for Android is one of the more serious photo editing options. And now, it’s gotten even better. In version 3.0, Avery comes with avdanced auto-enhancement tools that will boost your photo’s sharpness, contrast and colors with one click. In addition, Aviary 3.0 comes with new effects filters, stickers, and an improved selective focus tool. But besides all the gimmicks, the app is able to do some serious tweaking to your pictures. Aviary for Android version 3.0 is available on Google’s Play Store now.

Via CNET.com