Westcott Announces New Line of Pro Softboxes


Westcott has been known for their Apollo softboxes for a very long time and are used by many professionals that want excellent quality for a good price. Their umbrellas are pretty awesome too. The company is once again trying to make a mark with the announcement of their brand new Pro Softboxes. They’re pitching the new modifiers at both photographers and videographers, and come with a 5-year warranty.

As for the construction, they feature double layer heat shield fabric (which is essential for tungsten lights), sprung steel rods to keep the shape and form, and tent style vents. The softboxes come in a 36 x 48 for $169.90, 24 x 32 for $129.90, and a 16 x 22 for $99 at the moment. But there are more in the works with silver and white interiors.

Also be sure to check Adorama for their listings.