Instagram Allegedly Getting Video on June 20th

Point taken.

Point taken.

It seems like Facebook is trying to create a Vine competitor. The sharing service from Twitter is centered around sharing short videos and has been seeing quite a bit of growth as of late with its release for the Android platform. But apparently, on June 20th the company will be unveiling video integration into Instagram.

Twitter and Facebook (who owns Instagram) have never really gotten along very nicely, so this seems like a logical update to the platform although we believe that it may change the community forever and not necessarily for the good. The beauty and appeal of Instagram has to do with the fact that it captures split second moments freezes them with a vintage appeal. If this does indeed happen, we hope that some new filters come out to mimic the look of Super 8 film or something along those lines. That might make the flood of cat videos look a tad better.

Via TechCrunch

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