Weekend Humor: Canon Asks Nikon to Prom

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Weekend Humor isn’t meant to be taken seriously. So don’t, ya rube.

Now that Sony and Olympus are definitely going to prom together, Canon decided to drum up the courage to ask Nikon out for the big night. Panasonic and Leica have been going steady for a few years now, and they were definitely going to prom. Word has it that they’re a shoe-in for King and Queen, but now that Canon and Nikon are an item, those assumptions are standing on shaky ground. The two have been walking in circles for quite some time now, and it was only a matter of time before they came together. They first noticed each other at their Junior Semi-Formal, and this is their story.

Full-Frame High is an institution fraught with relationships that are, could be, and never were. Founded in 2009 by Minolta, Yashica, and Voigtlander, Full-Frame High promised to be a place where the world’s photographic youth could find their path to optical excellence. Little did the founders know that their school would be known more for its relationships than academic achievements.

Panasonic and Leica were going steady for several years before enrolling in Full-Frame High. No one’s really sure how and why they came together, but they were always together for as long as most can remember. Leica had a terrible habit of regifting anything Panasonic gave it, but that didn’t rain on Panasonic’s love. They were the couple that their peers – Sony, Olympus, Canon, Fujifilm, and Nikon – aspired to romantically. They were even doted on by students of neighboring school Aperture Academy — Sigma, Dog Schidt, Lensbaby, Tamron, and Samyang among others.

As the years wore on, everyone wondered who would pair with whom for prom, the most important night ever. Sony and Olympus came together on a whim, but Canon and Nikon’s story took time to develop. It was at the Junior Semi-Formal, a joint event between Full-Frame High and Aperture Academy, that Canon first noticed Nikon.

Both schools rented out the Javitz Center for the dance, and every student attended. Canon saw that Nikon was hanging out with one of Aperture’s students, namely Zeiss, near the punch bowl. Nikon and Zeiss’ banter was purely platonic, but Canon couldn’t shake how picture-perfect they seemed. Later on in the evening, Nikon saw that Canon was telling jokes to Red and several others from the 4K crowd. Each thought the other was really kind of cool.

It only seems right then that Canon asked Nikon to prom. Hopefully, it will last beyond the last dance, but no one really knows. Love is such a fickle thing. The bokeh they make is gorgeous, though.

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