Flickr Acknowledges That There are Pro Photographers, Mayer Apologizes

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Yesterday, Marissa Mayer opened up a giant can of worms when she stated that there really is no such thing as a professional photographer anymore–which we’re sure that someone at Flickr perhaps facepalmed very hard. And according to a report from Petapixel, she is apologizing and stating that she worded her statement all wrong. But even angrier are many former Pro users. Yesterday we compared the old Pro account to the new services offered. The Pro account is now no more and instead the user can go ad free or Doublrr–which basically doubles the current 1TB storage space to 2TB.

In a conversation that I had with Coffee Geek yesterday on Twitter, we’re still not sure that that may be enough. Many Flickr users don’t cull their images and instead just upload without adding metadata or titling. Even though this annoys me as a curator and editor, we have to accept that this is a norm amongst many people. Other Flickr users cull and carefully select only their best images to be uploaded. For those users, 1TB should be plenty fine considering the downsizing that goes into uploading images to the web and uploading at 72ppi or 125ppi for higher resolution displays.

But for the others? Well, our Nikon D7100 review images in the end turned out to be around the size of some hard drives. And for those users, this may pose to be a problem later on.

We’re curious: What option are you using right now? Will you go with 500px or stick with Flickr?

Chris Gampat

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