Launches an Education Center with eBooks

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Like any big business loaning out or selling gear, Borrow Lenses has now created an education center to help customers use their products better. But there is a bit of a difference as this isn’t your traditional education center. While B&H Photo and Adorama provide limited knowledge for free, Borrow Lenses is giving users entire eBooks for a price. Indeed, the title in the photo above is 81 pages worth of educational content–which far outpaces a conventional tutorial article from any website.

Some of the sections so far are a bit lacking–such as the street section. But since this was just launched, it will probably take some time for it to build.

When you really think about it, they’re also one of the first major outlets trying to offer an education eBook center targeted at creatives.

PS: We’re doing a contest with them.

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Chris Gampat

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