Nokia Lumia EOS Codename Hints at a Canon Partnership


Digital Trends has a piece on the codenamed Nokia Lumia EOS cameraphone. EOS is quite a known name in the camera industry as it is for the DSLR lineup of Canon’s cameras. The codename of the new Lumia has us extremely curious right now. The phone is supposed to have a 41MP camera, 4.5-inch AMOLED touchscreen with 1280 x 768 resolution, and could have a polycarbonate plastic chassis. But beyond this, there may be a Xenon flash and a new Nokia Pro Camera app. If so, hopefully it will allow full manual control over the exposure–which is something many photographers have wanted for a while.

With all of this said though, Nokia’s camera technology may be wonderful but many users still complain about the overall quality of their phones. Windows Mobile (which operates the Lumia phones) is also an excellent platform but the apps that photographers want and need these days just aren’t on the OS yet.

As it is though, Canon already has the Powershot N which is meant to be an answer to smartphones.

Chris Gampat

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