Leica Majority Shareholder Dr. Kaufmann Acquires 21.5% Stake in I-Shot-It.com

I-Shot-It Homepage i-shot-it.com

In a move that does not really come as a surprise, Leica majority shareholder Dr. Andreas Kaufmann has acquired a 21.5% stake in the online photo contest platform “i-shot-it.com”. For a small fee, www.i-shot-it.com enables photo-enthusiasts to take part in photographic competitions. Winners of the online photography competitions receive cash prizes—financed by the charges due for uploading image material—and a Leica camera. Hence why we are not surprised at Dr. Kaufmann’s move.

Dr. Kaufmann has made himself renowned a couple years ago, when he factually saved Leica from going bankrupt. With the introduction of the M9 digital rangefinder, S2 medium format SLR and X1 compact camera the company saw a huge incline in sales and became profitable again. What he’s up to with i-shot-it.com? Only time will tell.