Church of Scientology Photoshops an Image, Internet Catches It and Laughs: Here’s Why


According to Gizmodo, the Church of Scientology has been caught with their pants down. The organization had a meeting recently with only a couple hundred people, but the Church claimed that it gathered well over 1,000. And to prove it, they showed off the image above. The problem is that the lower right hand side is apparently completely photoshopped–which essentially points to the use of Photoshop (in this case, quite poorly) for marketing reasons.

We ran the image through Image Edited and Four and Six, and they both found the image to be questionable. But then we ran it through Photoshop Elements and through use of my knowledge of lighting, I found some extra flaws.

Want to know how? Continue on below.

Via Gizmodo


We added a Glowing Edges filter in Photoshop Elements to the image. Notice the areas circled in red. See where the sun is coming down? It is causing some major warm light to be cast onto the trees in front of the building, but the entire crowd is somehow or another untouched by it. However, the crowd in the lower right hand corner is being touched by the sun’s ray, though subtle and they also have confetti mixed in. The problem though is that the tree right next to them doesn’t have any sun on it at all. The blue lines show the clear sun diffusion, while the red shows where the sun is actually hitting–and that’s really not possible, even with very little cloud activity over the city this past weekend.

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