In 1961, Kodak Made Flash Easier for Users With a Cube

The sixties. A decade of beat music and mop-top haircuts, of the Vietnam war and the first man on the moon. Of hippies and flower power. And of Instamatic cameras and single serving flash bulbs.

These days, (almost) every camera comes equipped with a built-in flash unit. Can you imagine having to change the bulb after each use? Half a century ago, flash bulbs weren’t as durable as they are today and had to be changed each time the flash was fired, because they simply burnt out. The above ad, which we found via Project B, advertises Kodaks ‘latest’ invention: the rotating flash cube which contains four individual flash bulbs.

In a time when technical progress meant the introduction of a higher speed film and ‘computers’ were no more than giant calculators, a flash that would last up to four shots must’ve seemed like a revolution. Or at least thats what this Kodak ad wants the viewer to believe. Also, it gives a practical introduction into shooting ‘swinging dance parties’.

BTW, you can still by Kodak film from Adorama, Amazon and B&H.