Tokina Gets into the Cinema Lens Game With the 11-16mm T3

Tokina’s 11-16mm f2.8 lens has always been wildly popular. When I used to work at B&H Photo Video, the company could barely ever keep them in stock. But now Tokina is showing off something new at NAB 2013. They’ve taken this lens and modified it for cinema purposes. According to the video above, the optics are all still the same–absolutely no refresh at all. The modifications include no autofocus and everything being manual including the aperture. Because the lens is an f2.8, the closest aperture available is T3 and it remains an APS-C lens.

There is also a 16-28mm f2.8 modification for the full frame crowd. It will be available for Canon, Nikon and PL mounts.

They’re stating it will be less than $2,000 and available at the end of the summer.

Via NoFilmSchool