Four Awesome Cameras Made from Legos


Image by Lego Suzuki. Used with permission

Legos are seriously fun. They not only bring back nostalgic moments, but also inspire us to build new things–and then build them bigger and better. In the photo world, there have been quite a few cameras made from Legos. Many of them actually work and while most of them are film based, some are digital.

Here’s a quick roundup of some Lego cameras that we found around the web.

Editor’s Note: All images in this post were used with permission from the creators

Suzuki’s Lego SLR


The image above is a camera designed by Lego Suzuki. He is a Flickr user that creates lots of cool things out of Legos–and this camera isn’t the only thing. It looks very much like an old SLR film cam–but we really wish that it worked. Indeed, this is something that we believe that Pentax should put out.

Cary Norton’s Legotron


Cary Norton created a 4×5 camera out of Legos that went viral a while back. But recently, he updated the camera to incorporate some improvements–such as better ground glass for focusing. And the work that he’s done with it so far is positively stunning.

A 4×5 Lego Camera


We found this camera on Make–it’s another 4×5 camera partially made from LEGOs. But this one is totally different as there is a working bellows system for focusing.The camera was made by Flickr user Dominique Vankan, who also used Duct tape and cardboard to put it together.

It’s quite an ingenius feat that also makes the unit super portable.

A Homemade Lego Square Format Camera



Flickr user Fernando Ramirez has also created another homemade LEGO contraption. This one is a medium format camera shooting 6×6 images–yes, square format! Square format images are highly prized by Instagrammers for their simplicity. Fernando has posted loads of image samples as well on his Flickr.

Via Cnet

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