Tap and Dye’s New Royal Navy Patina Strap Will Have You Cuddling With Your Camera


Nothing’s wrong with cuddling, right? Right? You’ll probably want to after you affix Tap and Dye’s brand spankin’ new Royal Navy Patina to it. It’s based on their Legacy Wrist Strap which we reviewed previously, and is a limited edition version that has been oil dyed, waxed and polished to achieve the unique gradient effect from royal blue to dark navy. But there’s Branded impressions are now also on the inside of the strap and the edges of the suede underside have been beveled and sanded for a more comfortable feeling on the skin–which was one of our major complaints (and make it cuddle worthy.) Good to see that the company is listening to their customers!

Only 25 units will be available with the same $52 price point. Check Tap and Dye’s shop for availability.