Wacom Announces a New Display With Many Colors Which Costs Many Dollars

Cintiq 13HD

I’ve personally only used an old Wacom tablet for my crap drawings but here they are announcing something beautiful. This product is named the Cintiq 13HD and it packs some serious specs alongside its price. The screen is a 13.3″ beauty which can display 16.7 million colors at a resolution of 1920×1080. The pretty display wouldn’t go too far if it weren’t for the included Pro Pen which offers 2048 pressure levels and includes 9 nibs. Along with the the pen can also detect tilt, has switches all while remaining battery free.

The display can be angled using a detachable stand so that it can be used however you deem most comfortable. Also to keep you zen, the Cintiq 13HD includes a 3 in 1 cable which will keep USB, HDMI and power within one cable. Everything seems great about this new product until we get to the price, that large sum is $999. This amount is typical of a high end product from Wacom and I’m sure a lot of people will spring for regardless in early April when it ships.

For more information check out Wacom’s product site here and here.