Erin Mulvehill’s Underwater Portraits Are Ethereal and Beautiful


All Images shot by and used with Permission from Erin Mulvehill

Erin Mulvehill is a Brooklyn, NY based photographer that graduated from Syracuse University at the super early age of 20. On her site, I Can Freeze Time, she features a series of underwater portraits that she created that has also been shown in many countries.

She’s also done some other really cool projects. For starters, The Camera Project is about giving cameras to children all over the world and them taking pictures and talking about their environment. Head over to her website to see more. But first check out her other underwater portraits after the jump.


From Erin about the Underwater series,:

“I was in my final year of university at the time and was feeling really jaded. perhaps as a result, I began having very vivid dreams. when I would awake from the dreams, so much was going through my head that I would have these blurry flashes of images, combined states of dream and reality, in my mind. as an artist, I wrote as much i could to describe what I felt and what I saw to better understand the imagery.

I went to the studio straight away and began trying to translate these images from my dreams into a photograph. after several attempts, in the studio, I finally came up with a setup that created an image with a similar effect to my current ‘underwater’ images. it took a bit longer to perfect the technique, but I remember feeling this overwhelming rush of combined excitement and relief when I saw the image on the screen. it should be noted that the effect you see in the ‘underwater’ series was all done in camera and not in post.

It’s a very powerful experience translating a mental/emotional state into a visual idea. never before, and very rarely since, have I experienced this same intensity of feeling. as a follower of buddhist beliefs, these images really resonate with me because they represent different individuals caught in a transitory state. we are all ever-changing and ephemeral beings, so I believe everyone can relate to the sense of rebirth captured in the images.”


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