Really Nice Images Says “Film is Not Dead” by Releasing New Film Emulation Presets for Lightroom

Really Nice Images Iconic Films Presets for Lightroom

Really Nice Images, the creator of the Instagram filter presets for Lightroom, have come up with a new set of Lightroom presets. This time, it’s analog film emulations. Ah, yes, we hear you saying, “not again … this is like what, the umphteen-hundredth set of film emulation presets …” or, “oh c’mon, this is so 2012!” But actually, we here at The Phoblographer really dig that kinda stuff, and think it’s a great way to get creative with your pictures, to enhance their look and to give them that little extra that makes a cool picture over an okay-ish one.

In addition to the “Iconic Films” set that emulates specific anolog films (some of which are no longer available), the company also released a second set that goes by the name “Faded Films.” And guess what it contains … right, a set of presets that emulate the look of old, faded pictures that take you right back to the days of your parents or grandparents.

The “Iconic Films” and “Faded Films” filter packs are available for download over at Really Nice Images’ online store and retail for US-$ 69.99 and 79.99 respectively. The two sets can also be purchased in one for US-$ 119.98, which saves you US-$ 30 over buying each set individually.

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