Phase One Practically Dares You to Try Their Express 7 Software

Capture One Express 7

60 day free trial? Only $100 for the full version? From one of the best camera manufactures on the planet? Yes, it’s all true and I am digging Phase One’s approach to the entry level editing crowd. A company who has been ahead of the game when it comes to digital medium format imaging is now looking to gain some new young talent to their Capture One Express software line. There is quite a gap between their $100 dollar software system to their $20,000 plus camera systems but I’m sure that roadmap is being worked on (sarcasm).

The new software offers features from their Pro 7 software along with improvements in noise reduction, HDR and color and B/W processing. Their comparison page between their Pro and Express line is a game of back and forth with both offering a respectable feature set. If you are in the market for new processing software you should give Capture One Express 7 a look. When is the last time free for 60 days hurt anyone? Never. If somehow you already have your mind set on shiny version 7 of this new software head over and get it for $99 now.