Review: Think Tank Pixel Pocket Rocket

Think Tank Pixel Rocket

If you have been a photographer for some time then, like me, you also have a collection of memory card misfits. Newer cameras require more space (both in terms of hard drives and memory cards) and in turn require us to buy fresh cards. Yet, the old ones aren’t done fighting. On my D800 a 4GB card now seems like a 36 exposure roll of film but in a pinch these cards could provide valuable space.

With a mix of 14 SD and CF cards, my old method of storing cards was becoming reckless so I decided to see if the Think Tank Pixel Pocket Rocket would fill the role of memory carrier and protector.

Tech Specs

Specs provided by B&H Photo

Made Of 420D Diamond Rip-Stop Nylon
Holds 10 CF Cards
Great Business Card Holder
Attach To Clothing, Belt Or Bags
Touch Fastener Closure
Lifetime Warranty

Ergonomics and Build Quality

Think Tank Pixel Rocket (4)

The Pixel Pocket Rocket (PPR) is a tiny pocketable SD/CF storage center with 10 pockets. When it is closed, it is very close to the size of a modern smartphone. The outside is wrapped with 420D diamond rip-stop nylon and is treated with a durable water repellent finish.

Think Tank Pixel Rocket (1)

On the left side, the PPR is a loop which when combined with the included leash is quite the team. At first I underestimated the hook and I attached it to to a larger loop on my camera bag. The hook is made out of hard plastic so I assumed that I would be able to easily attach and detach it with ease, but this wasn’t the case. It was a sad sight when I, a large grown man, attempted to remove the hook. I nearly ruined it by hooking it onto a larger loop because there wasn’t enough play to easily remove it. I had considered the included hook a failsafe if it slipped out of my bag and I didn’t expect it to hold its own if it was tugged too hard, I was wrong.

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On the front of the PPR we have a small Think Tank logo and when flipped around it reveals a see through window in which a business card(s) can be stored. This is really convenient because the more places I can stash business cards the better and I always seem to only have worn down ones in my wallet.

Ease of Use

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The PPR is held closed by velcro and when opened it gives you access to the memory / business cards of the inside. Each card slips in and is held snugly without any form of elastic.

Storage Capacity

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I have mentioned the fact that there are 10 slots for memory cards but I left out that each one can hold either one CF card or two SD cards. This allows you to hold up to 20 cards total in the PPR. When two SD cards are placed side by side they do not overlap at all, there is plenty of room for them to rest separately. I have filled mine with a combination of cards and will slowly phase out my CF cards as it seems I am moving to all SD cards.


Think Tank Pixel Rocket (7)

Since it roughly has the dimensions of a smartphone it can be stored in a front or back pocket as well as any pocket in your bag. I have hooked the PPR to different sized loops and I prefer hooking it up to a fabric loop instead of a metal one after my previous battle.


There really isn’t much you can say about a convenient little memory card holder and even less to say that’s negative. It has a job and it does it well. It safely keeps your memory cards stashed away and holds more than its competitors. Before I decided on the PPR I looked at some others that offered a snap closed design which could only store about four cards total and to hold all of the cards I needed, I would have needed two of them. Buying more memory card holders is going the opposite direction of what we want in a neat all-in-one card organizer.

This is just another one of those “why did I wait so long to buy” situations when I have gone on so many gigs risking cards and being unorganized. For under $20 you can aquire this gem and stay organized on shoots, it’s a small price to pay for preserving your memories.

There are a few versions of the Pixel Pocket Rocket but the one reviewed here can be found here on Amazon and Adorama.

There is also a Pee Wee version of the Pixel Pocket Rocket and it can be had for just about $15 on Amazon and Adorama. This smaller version can hold four CF cards and three SD cards.

If needed, more information can be found on Think Tank’s product page here.

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