This Itty Bitty Digital Fisheye Camera Has a Lo-Fi Aesthetic


ERMMGGAWWDD!!! It’s so tiny and so cute! Look at it: it’s like a little cyclops. Greg Dash has created a campaign on IndieGogo to produce the world’s first ultra small and ultra affordable fisheye camera. The little lens has a 170 degree field of view and can shoot anything from 2MP to 12MP images. Plus it can record HD video and includes a time lapse mode from 1 second to 7 days. Yes, we just said seven days: that’s some truly insane battery life. No word on anything more about the lens except that it is an f3.5 wide angle and that the sensor is a CMOS sensor.

But in order to do it, he’s going to need to raise £35,000 to cover the costs of manufacture of the miniscule camera. Backers will be rewarded with a camera from one of the first shipment of cameras at a reduced price. You can read more about the project on IndieGoGo.