First Frames From RED’s New Dragon Sensor Are Well…a Dragon


It’s not photography related per se but it does have a lot to do with the future of imaging. NoFilmSchool has a great writeup on the most recent release of the new Dragon Sensor by RED. Some of the basic specs and numbers are that the sensor is capable of 6k resolution, which is 10x the amount of pixels than 1080p and less than half the noise of the Mysterium-X. When looking at the sensor in 16:9 format the sensor has more pixels than a Canon 5D Mk III at 6144×3160. I’m quite impressed with the few frames that are available and the level of detail is incredible.

If you would like to see the images at full resolution without sharpening, head over to RED’s forum and peep the images which are full compressed unsharpened JPGs here. It hasn’t been that long since the birth of RED, but they have been producing some incredible tech. The future is now.