Good Thing it Was Nikon Suing Sigma and Not Apple

Nikon vs Sigma

Back in 2011 Nikon sued Sigma for potential patent infringement on their VR stabilization technology. It’s not like anyone (besides Sigma) lost a lot of sleep over it but the case was dismissed recently by a Tokyo District Court judge. The judge stated that there was no patent infringement happening on the six sigma lenses included with the lawsuit. Nikon was seeking 12 billion yen (130 million US dollars) for the infringement.

This may be done for now or Nikon may take it to a higher court but for now it appears that the case is over but the dust is not quite settled. Losing a lawsuit like this would deeply impact Sigmas public image especially while they are rebuilding themselves as a company and releasing fantastic glass! Read more about the lens drama over at SLR Lounge.