Draw Your Weapon Faster Than a Texas Ranger With The Nikon Lens Holster


The number of times when I wish I had a different lens on my camera have been way too many for me to keep track of now, especially for street photography. A new Kickstarter called the Lens Holster works to solve that problem by creating a simple way to easily carry and quickly switch lenses if you’re a Nikon user. Canon shooters will have to wait.

With the Lens Holster strapped either on your shoulder or around your waist, you can essentially have three different lenses on a shoot. However, it seems much more effective if you only brought two to actually take advantage of the speedy lens switching you actually bought the holster for. What makes the switch so quick is the holster itself is equipped with two Nikon lens mounts that hold your lenses in place. A white dot matches up with the dot on the lens and in seconds, you’ve got a new lens on your camera. Press the lock down, twist, and twist back.



The Lens Holster takes away the hassle of switching lenses during a shoot, especially if you’re a wedding or street photographer who needs that kind of speed. What we would have liked to see is a pocket for your SD/CF cards so you don’t end up running out of memory half way through.

This project is currently underway in its funding on Kickstarter and would like to meet it’s 50k goal by February 21st. At the time of this post, there are still a number of $55 level pledges that will get you a Lens Holster. The next level is a $70+ pledge. If you’re interested, the link is provided here.

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