Three Months of Flickr Pro Just for You, Free!


Hooray! We survived 12/21/12 and the holidays are right around the corner so Flickr is joining in on the celebration by offering new and existing users three months of their Pro service for free. Head on over to their website to grab yours.

Three months of Flickr Pro typically costs around $6.95 US with a year going for as much as $24.95. The company is pitching this as a special holiday gift to their users and it could perhaps coerce them to go fully pro to help support the service more while they revamp their service. But it seems like these changes and offerings, albiet small, are steady. For example, not long ago Flickr changed their iOS app interface–which was put off for a while; but the news is surely coming in. Overall though, the community needs a revamp if it intends to survive the onslaught of what’s going on in the photo community world. While Instagram, Snapseed, and Twitter all have cool ways to interact with photos, they don’t have the community that Flickr does; nor does 500px despite its much more beautiful interface.

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Via FStoppers

Additional reporting was contributed by Chris Gampat