Flickr Starts to See Some Long Lost Interface Love

Flickr App Update

It has been awhile and I think most would say a bit too long…It appears that Flickr is getting tired of driving in the slow lane and letting the likes of Instagram and 500px speed passed them. Today is a big deal for them because the boys (and girls) at Flickr got off their butts and redesigned their mobile app and website. After using the update on the iPhone I have to say that I love it! It is the interface that I wish Instagram had, too bad most of the people have all up and abandoned Flickr which left a bunch of old images loaded. Flickr has always had a great selection of “interesting” photos and now they are a joy to view, these images are nice to look through compared to Instagram which is full of teenagers doing selfies. Uploading to Flickr from your mobile allows you to post to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or email all while posting to your photo stream. When adding a new image you can also apply filters since they are apparently all the rage and the only way to artistically express yourself. I love the app and I am glad that they have been paying attention in between naps at their desks.

Another thing that seemed to have caught their attention is 500px’s flow display, Flickr now offers a much better, cleaner explore feature. The feature easily lets you see more of the most recent images added by month, last 7 days, tag or several other views. You can find more information on Flickr’s new website additions here and all about their new app here.