Lomography Announces New Glass Lenses for the Bel-Air

Lomo 114mm f/8 Lens

They announced that glass lenses were coming and they did not let us down. Today Lomo has announced the brand new 90mm and 114mm lenses which both have an f/8 aperture. The lenses are limited while in pre-order are just a mere 200 pieces each. The specialized multi-coated russian glass lenses have focus zones of 1m, 1.5m, 3m and infinity. The 90mm lens in 35mm equivalent comes out to 32mm in 6 x 12, 40mm in 6 x 9, 52mm in 6 x 6 and the 114mm lens is 42mm in 6 x 12, 52mm in 6 x 9 and 67mm in6 x 6.

You can preorder the lenses as well as check out individual samples from each on their pre-order pages, the 90mm can be found here and the 114mm can be found here. They will be priced at $200 each but with the early pre-order discount you get 20% off which brings each of them to $160 each.

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