So Nikon Still Knows How to Make f1.2 Lenses!

Some Nikon fans have been jealous of Canons f1.2 lenses because Nikon has only made a couple of versions and they haven’t been updated in eternity. Nikon showed a spark a month ago when they announced that they would be making a 32mm f1.2 Nikon One lens. This started some chat about Nikon and the potential for creating f1.2 lenses for their SLR cameras, it seems a patent has now emerged and it gives us confirmation that Nikon is flirting with the idea.

I personally am not a advocate or big fan of f1.2 lenses, maybe due to lack of experience with one but I find it’s hard to justify upgrading my 85mm f1.8 G lens to the f1.4. The price hike when looking at Canon’s f1.8 to f1.2 is quite steep and I and many other users it isn’t worth the cost. Thanks to Nikon Rumors for always staying on top of patents and rumors that keep us thirsty, head over there for more information on this patent.