Introducing The Camera That Only Its Mother Could Love, The Nikon V2

So it appears that Nikon chose to acknowledge some of the shortcomings of their “pro” mirrorless camera the V1 with its replacement, the V2. Unfortunately the advice that they chose to listen to were not the major shortcomings of the V1, I’m looking at you: price! Nikon has added a command dial on the top of the camera which I’m sure will help with all of those people who would constantly bump the cam and change modes.

The design is a mix between the Sony NEX series and the Nikon P510 point and shoot camera. I actually feel bad for even mentioning the Sony because I find them a series of good looking cameras. The V2 just remind me of some kind of mutated offspring tossed into the dumpster. I know that’s a tad extreme (it really isn’t) but I feel insulted as a Nikon user just because this camera exists. I am going to try to get a bag to put over the head of the V2 so I can cover the rest of the specs without feeling sick.

My local camera shop knows that I love the V1. I have a very odd attraction to the motion snapshot mode. Yes, the awful sound effects that were on the V1 are still on the V2 and only the dedicated video mode seems to have gotten some changes. The video mode can now maintain full PASM exposure control when recording 1080p video. The camera offers full HD at either 60i or 30p flavors and HD (720) at 60p. A fun feature of the previous series is its slow motion capabilities and those are still present with this camera, 640×240 at 400fps and 320×12 at/1200fps.

A lot of people seemed to dislike the fact that the V1 only has a 10mp sensor and Nikon has decided to up the V2 to a 14.2mp CMOS sensor. I actually didn’t mind the 10mp sensor because realistically the camera would only be used to preserve memories and not print masterpieces, for this purpose the mp count was fine. If Nikon was going to change this we all tended to expect the company to borrow Sony’s new 20mp sensor from the RX100 but they seemed to have a plan of its own. The new sensor is still just as sensitive as its predecessor with an ISO of 160-6400.

The V2 is compatible with Nikon’s WU-1b Wifi adapter and gives the ability to remote camera and transfer photos to a smart phone. The camera is also still compatible with the Nikon GP-N100 unit which gives the camera GPS abilities.

Like the screen and EVF, they are the same as the previous model and don’t need to be mentioned. These features in my opinion are fine and were not in need of a change. The camera also still shoots full sized stills stupid fast with ability to shoot 60 frames per second at full resolution for a brief moment. These are areas where the 1 Series has a leg up on the industry, there are no more bold moves with the V2. No new features like the simple but in my opinion awesome Motion Snapshot and no innovations like the slow motion video or fast still modes mentioned above. Gone with the simplistic Apple design of the first model and in with something else which is as I’ve said is hideous. By the way I am allowed to say these things because I am a devout Nikon user!

One of the key mistakes of the V1 still lives strong with the V2, the price. This camera is a whopping $799 as a body only and $899 with the one lens kit. Just because the camera is a half attempt at a NEX it doesn’t mean that you’re allowed to price it as one. When the V1 finally hit around the $500 price range you heard the photo world in unison shout “finally, that’s what it should have been priced at all along”. I agree fully and this will continue to be the demise of Nikon’s V series of cameras until they price it accordingly with the industry.

If you were let down enough by my article and would like to be saddened further please read more about the camera on Nikon’s site here.

Nikon has also announced development for 3 future 1 Series lenses. These lenses are the 32mm f1.2 (86mm 35mm equivalent), an ultra wide 6.7-13mm f/3.5-5.6 (18-35mm 35mm equivalent) and a revision of their existing 10-100 lens. I dig the little Nano Coat badge on the 32mm lens above, looks like the first serious prime for the series.


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