Mirrorless Cameras Gained Strong Growth Everywhere in the World But the US

The introduction of the mirrorless camera is one of those macro changes that the industry has been craving for so long. Oddly enough mirrorless cameras have been around for a while in rangefinder camera realm due to the inherent nature of the finder system, which is why cameras like the Leica M9 and Epson R-D1s have such a massive cult following. But the large scale spread of this style of camera has been a significant enough factor in the markets for all the major manufacturers to finally take notice and begin to create models that satisfy this emerging market segment. With Canon finally taking the leap with their EOS-M model, every top-tier manufacturer in the camera industry is now developing technologies to expand this newfound group of photographers.

Obviously, this is not a point that is missed by market forecasters. InfoTrends has been following the industry’s growth and fluctuations for the last decade and is closely monitoring the mirrorless segment of the camera market. They have recently published a 2012 report on the mirrorless market and their forecasts for the developing technology. While the page linked does not provide much in terms of real information on their research, the contact information contained within should provide for a very interesting bit of data for the discerning industry figure.

In the world of photography, micro-technologies rapidly change. This is why we continually have updated models in numerical form and why it seems like a slow climb in terms of real changes in the cameras because the changes are very small and typically contained within the confines of the camera body. Not much has changed in macro terms in the world of cameras since the introduction of Kodak’s DCS digital camera back integrated into the body of a Nikon F3 SLR.

While currently in America the market is still emerging and mostly dominated by enthusiast users, as PMAnewsonline.com reports, the segment is going to be dominated over the next few years by “a more mainstream buyer, who may be stepping up from a point & shoot camera.” While this seems like a mute point to the average enthusiast or pro photographer, this is going to have significant impacts in the development of technologies in the next few years. Companies are going to be pumping a whole lot of money into this segment because the money is where the mainstream is.

If you thought that the mirrorless fad would be fading soon, brace yourself because you are about to see a whole lot more of them in your way the next time you are out at the Grand Canyon.

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