The Digital Holga Lens Transforms Your DSLR into a Toy Camera

All of you have probably heard of Holga, the king of toy cameras. The vintage vignetting and lens flare that some of us want on our photos that can only be done through editing or even the “creative” light leaks that the Holga have been popularly known for have become a pain to achieve. With the number of films being discontinued and to never be seen again, it’s a scary time for film shooters.

However, Photojojo has come up with a solution that just might satisfy your inner hipster. Not everyone can afford to constantly buy medium format film and to get the rolls developed only to find out a couple of images were actually good. The Digital Holga lens is essentially what its name suggests. It’s a plastic Holga lens that mounts directly onto your Canon or Nikon DSLR body that instantly turns your pro setup into a nostalgic reminder of the good ol’ days.

Slap on the Digital Holga lens and get instant gratification through your camera’s screen and see the keepers as you capture them. Instead of being restricted by the amount of film you can afford, now you can take thousands upon thousands and heart-warming Holga-esque photos without having to worry about your wallet. We’ve previously reviewed the DianaF+ lens, which is a similar lens from Lomography, and came out with some excellent photos. Head on over here to check them out.

The Digital Holga Lens is available through Photojojo at a refreshingly low price of $30 for either the Canon or Nikon model.