The Padcaster: The Cage That (iPad) Filmmakers Dream About

Photo courtesy of The Verge

For the hardcore filmmaker, you’ll want to hear about this. The Padcaster is the ultimate camera cage where you can mount just about everything you could possibly need on a shoot. Here’s the twist: You can mount your iPad to replace your traditional DSLR.

Constructed out of strong aluminum, the Padcaster is capable of holding lights, microphones, and whatever you please into its 24 threaded holes. This also includes a tripod mount to secure your entire setup in place. The iPad is snuggly protected inside a urethane insert that fits into the Padcaster.

Along with the Padcaster is the option to include the Lenscaster, which is an accessory that allows you to attach additional screw-on lenses to the Padcaster, allowing for the same focus and zoom effects you’d normally have with your main weaponry. As you’d imagine, the lenses are obviously not included. The appeal here is the capability of editing on-the-go with the available apps inside the App Store right after you finish a shoot. Take advantage of the retina display for some gorgeous footage right on set.

If you’re not into the whole on-the-go concept and would much rather stick with DSLR video, don’t stop yet. There’s good news for you too. The Padcaster allows you to remove the iPad portion and simply install your DSLR into the cage, keeping all the accessories that you painstakingly installed in place and ready-to-go with your camera of choice.

This is an excellent accessory that covers all its bases and makes for a brilliant idea that a lot of filmmakers, hobbyists and professionals, would enjoy. You can purchase your own from their website at $199 for the Padcaster and $229 for the Lenscaster combo.



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