Quick Look: Gura Gear Bataflae 32L

Bataflae 32L

For all you outdoorsy types and nature photographers, Gura Gear just started shipping on of their newest camera gear bags, the Bataflae. We got a chance to go hands-on at Photoplus 2012.


Front flap opening to reveal compartments

Gura prides itself on making camera travel bags that are light, durable and appeal to anyone who needs a professional bag that can protect your gear in rough, inhospitable conditions. They also have a wide array of nifty strap, hooks and belts to keep the bags secure yet versatile. Also, a TON of compartments.

Tons of compartments

More handle than you’ll ever need

No, it won’t fall off

So Far

After looking it over for a while it’s hard to imagine something Gura DIDN’T think of. The zippers hide, there are numerous compartments and pouches, the waist and shoulder straps fold away and the whole thing is as light as a feather. Gura says these’ll fit perfectly in an overhead bin and are perfect for a traveling photographer with a lot of gear to lug around. We at the Phoblographer think that one of these will be great for your next safari or trip down the Amazon.

The Bataflae is available for purchase through Amazon.

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