New Samsung NX Lenses Announced

Samsung’s NX system has been missing out on all the fun in the past but for any of you who happens to own one, you guys are in luck. Samsung has revealed two new NX lenses that are in the works right now, one being a 45mm f/1.8 prime lens and the other is a 12-24mm f/4-5.6 wide-angle zoom lens.

The better choice out of the two would appear to be the 45mm prime considering it comes in a nine-bladed aperture and is set at a easy-to-swallow $299.99. On the other hand, the 12-24mm zoom will set you back $599.99 while only having a seven-bladed aperture. Considering it’s also a f/4-5.6, it isn’t exactly the quickest of the bunch either. One last thing to note is that neither of the two are equipped with optical IS.

Samsung plans to release the 12-24mm lens sometime in November while the prime lens is still undecided.