AirTracks Creates A Lightweight Floating Slider System For Your Videography

We’ve all seen or even used a slider set-up to create the ideal and smooth camera pans. The cumbersome metal sliders take a lot of effort to set up and can only be set up in a place that’s flat and smooth. AirTracks takes away all those problems and adds some interesting new features that makes taking video and photos almost effortless.



Instead of metal sliders and knobs, AirTracks is set up with a couple breaths of air and a hand pump. This acts as the tracks for your dolly. The tracks expand to 5 ft and can handle up to right pounds of DSLR equipment, which is more than enough for the average photographer. All of this comes from a package the size of your hand.

The plastic dolly itself features a 3/8″ tripod screw with two carabiners (the type of clips you find on hiking equipment) to clip onto your backpack. If your wallet is feeling a little heavier than usual, you can choose to go with the AirTracks kit that comes with a Manfrotto 494 Ball Head (at the time of this post, there are only 4 more left).

This all-terrain camera slider is great for people looking to expand their photography/videography skills without having the huge hassle that would normally come with metal slider setups. It’s also a genuinely innovative and functional product that deserves more attention.

Head on over to their Kickstarter page and pledge $275 for the complete AirTracks kit and $325 for the whole kit and the Manfrotto ball head. They’ve still got a month to go, so get pledging!

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