GoPro Hero3 Now Comes in Both Black and Silver; 4K Video Recording

Image courtesy of B&H Photo

Today, GoPro has announced their latest addition to their action cam lineup. The new Hero3 comes in two different versions: black and silver. The Black offers users 4K recording at 12fps, 2.7K 30p, 1080p 60p, 1440 48fps, 960p 48, 720p 120fps and finally standard definition at 240fps. For those of you not seeing your favorite cinema frame rate of 24fps or 25fps don’t worry, 2.7k, 1440 and 1080 each offer these. Plus it sports a 12MP sensor with a 30 frame burst mode. But that’s not all, the camera has a wide-angle f2.8 lens, and wifi built in. The new model also sports a 30% smaller which helps make it 25% lighter.

While the GoPro Hero3 Black is bound to get most of the spotlight today, the Silver edition was also announced. This camera with a 10MP sensor can shoot 1080p 30, 960p 48fps, and 720p 60p. Plus it has an 11MP sensor with a 10 frame burst mode. Like the black, it also has wifi built in.

The Hero 3 Black will retail for $400 while the silver will come in at $300 and start shipping Monday. You can pre-order the black and silver versions at B&H Photo.

Chris Gampat

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