15mm Shift Lens for Micro Four Thirds to Be Shown on Photokina

As 43rumors reports, the product finder of the photokina website shows a 2D rendering of a 15mm shift lens for Micro Four Thirds which will be shown at the fair next week. Little is known about this lens as of yet, except that the manufacturer is a German company with the name Big Photo. But if you ask me, what this concept drawing looks like is a Voigländer 15mm f4.5 Super Wide-Heliar that has been retrofitted with a shift mechanism:

Either way, this looks like a very interesting addition to the Micro Four Thirds system. With its equivalent focal of length of 30mm, this lens could be a great tool for architectural photography. Why? By shifting the optical axis of the lens, converging lines — for example in buildings photographed from a low viewpoint — can be made to appear (almost) parallel in the resulting image. This Wikipedia article explains the physics behind this in detail.

While visiting the fair, we will try to get our hands on this!