Ready. Set. Sony Action Cam.

This is the Action Cam by Sony and the company has taken a strange approach for this little guy. Sony began showing of images of the camera as well as releasing a teaser for the little guy not too long ago. They wanted perspective buyers of their competitors that they would be releasing a new action video king.

The Action Cam is incredibly well spec’d and during our press conference they made sure we knew what they offered compared to the GoPro Hero and the Contour Roam cameras. I’m going to take a little bit of time going over why this cam will be a better fit for you than the previously mentioned competing cameras.

Sony when designing this camera talked with hardcore action sport and GoPro users to see what they wanted in a camera. Sony has deemed that there are three factors that are important for these users, these are small form factor with mount versatility, easy to use and reliable and Sony’s great video quality. Sony claims that their camera will be the smallest camera with built

With Sony’s legacy of video quality they are putting in the 16mp Exmor R backlit sensor which they claim will give you best image quality as well as better lowlight. To go along with the Exmor sensor they are also throwing in Carl Zeiss optics and image stabilization.

The big surprise and wow factor to me is that with the combined features and optics above they are also adding in 120FPS in 720P. This will be the only camera that will offer 4x slower video in any quality in its class, in 720P the camera will also be able to do 60P. The camera is also going to offer 1920 x 1080 at 30P, 1280 x 720 at 30P and a standard def 640 x 480 at 30P.

Sony has set out to make the smallest and most efficient design because these users want a small compact, lightweight and simple to use camera that can be easy to operate in any condition. The Sony Action Cam will be the slimmest camera out of the three and is only 7mm longer than the GoPro with the Wifi BacPac and Sony does this with Wifi Built in.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention: there will be two models of the Sony Action Cam, one with and one without Wifi. The Wifi will allow the device to wirelessly communicate to a smartphone thorough the PlayMemories Mobile app for iPhone / Android. This will allow you to wirelessly frame and compose the shot, transfer data from the Action Cam to the phone or control it from wherever it is mounted wirelessly. You can also use the PlayMemories Mobile app to change settings on the camera from your phone.

As stated by a goal above it must be easy to use, the reason is because the camera is used in many temperatures and must work well with gloves. The camera features a single large record button on the back with when pressed will simply start or stop the video recording. This can also be set to start or stop taking stills at a selectable interval.

Sony has been working on plenty of mounts for the Action Cam and will launch with a few as well as a couple will come out a bit later. The camera will come with a battery, 2 adhesive mounts and a waterproof protective housing. The other accessories will include a a bar / bike mount. suction cup mount, anti-fog insert, angle adjust mount, replacement door pack and a handheld grip w/ lcd screen. Sony knows that they can’t come out of the gate with all of the mounts that the others have but they want you to know that they are working hard to catch up.

A few of these mounts have some unique features so I will go over a couple in more detail. The Anti-fog insert is for when you put a camera into a waterproof housing and switch temperatures it will stop the fog that normally appears inside of the casing. These are good for 2,000 cycles and can be left out to dry after use. The Angle adjust mount will allow for 0-105 degree adjustment and will add 2x tripod screws for versatility. The replacement door pack will offer 3 different front doors to the waterproof casing. The first door will offer a wide lens solution which this bubble style will help the lens focus in certain conditions, an open door that will help with enhanced audio and a standard replacement for the front door. The Grip with the added screen will offer an easy way to make the Action Cam convert to a standard camcorder with the typical flip out 2.7″ screen. The housing that comes with the camera is waterproof up to 60 meters (197 feet). This included housing will also offer a tripod screw on the bottom which will offer you compatibility with hundreds of 3rd party tripod accessories.

Prices for the accessories may change but here are the prices for the current / future products as of today:

Extra Battery: $50

Waterproof Housing: $40

Waterproof Head Mount Kit: $30 and Head Mount without casing mount: $25

Bike Mount: $30

Adhesive Mount Pack: $20

Anti-fog insert: $17

Angle adjust mount: $20

Replacement door pack: $50

Handheld grip w/ LCD screen: $100

The camera will come in black and will offer a wifi and non wifi version. The Wifi Version of the Action Cam will come in at $270 and the version without will be $200. The GoPro and Contour both have two models which both currently go for $200 and $300 with the addition of the wifi to the GoPro costing $100 extra over their premium model. After seeing and hearing Sony talk about their product I can tell that they are serious. They are aiming at an emerging market and they want to become the leader in the action sports video world. I honestly cant wait to strap one of these on my bike while I do some hills. Competition will only fuel innovation between the three companies.

Here are some extra photos that Chris took during his briefing:

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