The SoloShot Is Kind of Like a Sentry Turret But For Your Camera Sans Missiles

Heres another Kickstarter project with just over a week left. I wanted to share this with those of you who may not have seen it therefore miss out on a one of a kind product. The SoloShot is for people who want the ability to film them self  automatically, this doesn’t just record you but it also tracks your movement and follows you. 

I do happen to live in sunny San Diego but I dont surf. I see this being very useful for times where I travel alone and want to be on camera, this product would turn a boring still shot to an interesting panning scene where you can discuss the area around you.

It works by attaching a transmitter to your shoulder and then pairing it with the SoloShot. As seen in the video above it has the ability to track slow to very quick movement. The SoloShot can pan 40 degrees per second and track targets that are moving up to 140mph. The unit can track objects or you up to 2000 feet and can do so for 5 hours on a single charge.

You may potentially that far distance away from your camera in which they have thought about that and added an extra security measure to it by allowing points where you can securely lock your camera to the tripod and then that to another object so it wont run off. The guys who designed it also have a humorous video on their page showing off how durable the receiver is.

The device is one of a kind and has gotten quite a bit of attention from the surfing and water sport community. The cost of owning an early copy of the SoloShot is $299 and you can see more about it on their Kickstarter page.

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