Quickdraw a New Kickstarter That Demands Your Trust

I’m back with another Kickstarter project and yes, I know that I have an addiction. This time it’s a product from Riley Kimball which allows you to connect a lens directly to your hip similar to how the Capture Clip attaches a camera to your waist.

Well I guess you could use a bag system like the one that ThinkTank offers but this is a bit flashier way to show off your holy trinity of lenses. For both Canon and Nikon the Quickdraw acts like a lens cap attached to your waist in which you can just twist on and off.

The system claims that the system will help you change lenses within 5 seconds and will help you catch otherwise missed opportunities when changed any other way.  Shooting with a second body always introduces minor issues like settings changes or differences in metering in which you just want to be consistent and use a single camera. They mention that they may support the Sony Alpha mount if there is a proper demand for it.

The issue for me with this item is that the time lost worth the possibility of exposing your precious lenses to more risk? I mean if a lens falls you will most definitely miss that shot that they claim you would miss without the system. I was worried about using the above mentioned Capture Clip system but now I have nothing but trust with it. What do you think?

The Kickstarter project is around 10,000  of its 100,000 dollar goal. There are still early bird specials available for both Nikon and Canon mounts for $75.


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