HoldFast Gear Olympic RuckStrap Limited Edition Has Nothing To Do With 2012 Olympic Games, But Looks Cool

HoldFast gear presents a limited edition of their RuckStrap camera carrying solution celebrating the 30th Olympic Games this year (with which it has nothing to do.)* Only thirty pieces of the Olympic Limited Edition will be made in red and blue — the colors of Olympic spirit — with beige leather applications. (Again, this has nothing to do with this year’s Olympic Games in London.)*

The HoldFast Gear RuckStrap is not only a comfortable and handy camera carrying solution, it’s also very practical because it comes with pockets, pouches and elastic straps for carrying your chash, ID, credit card, spare film rolls, batteries, SD cards, sunglasses etc. From HoldFast Gear’s description:

The RuckStrap is built for an all-day outing–be it a theme park, sports tournament, or the 2012 London Olympics Games. Crafted from duck canvas, leather, and micro-fiber suede lining, the 2.3-inch strap width evenly disperses the weight of even a heavy camera. And the impeccable design safely holds-fast to your gear and your Olympic pride.

(Again, this item has nothing to do with this year’s Olympic Games in London, U.K.)*

The Olympic Limited Edition RuckStrap comes in at US-$ 145 and can be purchased via HoldFast Gear’s webshop.

* The organizers of the 2012 Olympic Games in London prevent any non-affiliated parties from marketing products in relation to the 2012 Olympic Games. Since the Olympic Limited Edition RuckStrap is in no way related to this year’s Olympic Games in London, it does not fall under this ruling, obviously.