First Impressions: HoldFast Gear Luggage Tag Wallet

I consider many things timeless. A clothing style. A camera. An automobile. These things can be considered iconic depending on who you ask. But can a wallet do the same thing? For me, yes. Perhaps you are the guy who might enjoy something a little more classic in look. That’s certainly what I felt when I had to chance to use HoldFast’s new Luggage Tag Wallet.


So, I feel the little details in life make the best of things. Let’s start with how the wallet was sent to me. When you open up the box you are treated to a hand packed (with care, mind you) presentation that even an Apple fanboy would love. Just as Steve Jobs would obsess over the aesthetics and near-clinical look for his packaging, HoldFast matches their own theme by sending you your new beautifully smelling wallet in a box full of straw. It gives me that kind of rustic-cowboy appeal.  Even things like the wrapping paper choice and shoe string keeping it together just made it more fun to open.

Side Note: The wallet sent to me was a near finished version of the final product. Things like the edges of the wallet and the lining just below the button studs will be brought up to spec.

This wallet is wonderful. It’s made out of leather called Chromexcel from the Horween Leather Company. This is considered the oldest tannery still going in the US.  The strap around the tag loop is made from natural leather.

The leather is so soft. Words cannot describe the texture alone. It’s so smooth.

This wallet will hold SD or CF cards in the the top front pockets. As well as in the other deeper back pocket which you can access from the top of the wallet. In my case I chose to store credit cards and lD.  The larger bottom pocket is a place to hold your smart phone.

The unique look about this wallet is how you wear it. You have a few ways. The first is running the wallet’s top bellt loop around the very belt that is holding your pants up. You can set it to either sit above your front or backside pockets. You can even have it just hang on the loop of your belt.

Being that I live in NYC, I was more comfortable with it hanging from my the front of my belt. That way I had the security of sitting in my front pocket for better access. Another great way is to simply take it off the belt accessory and slide it into your pocket. I could barely feel like the wallet was there. Even with my iPhone in the bottom pocket it was barely noticeable at all. And if you tend to wear your pants a little slimmer, this makes all the difference in the world.


If you are the kind of person who likes to keep things simple and minimal, this is definitely a great wallet to look into. If you need something that can hold more than this, however, you should look at the many other great options out there.

This wallet can be a great conversation starter. If you tend to go to events, a couple parties here and there, you’ve got the likings of all the charm and feel of iconic America.

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