Noiseware 5 Photoshop Plugin Has Been Released


In a world where cameras are better at higher ISO and noise reduction software is getting better its like the candle burning at both ends, but in a good way! Imagenomic today announced version 5 of their noise reduction software, Noiseware. It is available for Photoshop as well as a standalone application and boasts many improvements. Best of all its free for existing users of Noiseware!

The new version appears to have a lot of speed improvements including 64-bit compatibility for Mac users, improved algorithm, and faster processing speeds. Version 5 now offers multi-core support and claims to render images up to 4 times faster than version 4 of noiseware.

Improved algorithms now let photographers retain more image detail in their images and is 25% more effective in reducing noise. Noiseware also includes a new preset manager and history control. Save an unlimited amount of custom presets in an unlimited amount of categories that you can create to easily find your favorite settings.  The new version also touts full compatibly with Photoshop CS6.

This version is a free upgrade for existing users which is a welcomed move from any software company! The full version for those just now discovering the company is $79.95.