Hähnel Introduces “Tuff” Wireless Flash Trigger For Heavy-Duty Use

Ireland-based manufacturer of photographic accessories Hähnel has introduced a new entry-level wireless flash trigger called the “Tuff”. In accordance with its name, it is made from tough rubber, has a reinforced housing and is encapsuled in a silicone case, to give the photographer “peace of mind against any accidental impact” (Hähnel’s own words.) This probably makes the Tuff the ideal companion for outdoor and action shoots, where cameras and/or models are being hurled through the air (on purpose or by accident.) Or for a safari, where you risk being attacked by lions and elephants — chances are the Tuff will outlive you in such a case. But, according to Hähnel, it is also suitable for studio work (where raging models throw things at you.)

But let’s be serious. The Tuff has a much less sophisticated interface than some of the more elaborate offerings like the Phottix Odin or the PocketWizard Plus III. It has three main buttons: one to switch it on and off, one to test it, and one to switch between its three operating modes, which are:

  • Normal
  • High Speed Sync
  • Second Curtain Sync

With its 2.4 GHz signal, the Tuff can cover distances of 200 m (656 ft) and more. It provides full TTL with most TTL flashes and runs on two AA batteries — which is very convenient. Alternatively, it can be powered via a Mini USB socket, through which it can also be loaded with firmware updates.

Hähnel Tuff Technical Specifications

  • Single TTL Flash trigger for Canon camera/flash gun & compatible models
  • ISM 2.4 GHz digital transmission (more than 200 m)
  • Full Flash Exposure compensation
  • Digital Channel Matching
  • Single control button“M”
  • Mini USB socket – For software upgrade or additional external power
  • Powered by 2 x AA batteries (each on transmitter & receiver) for approx 120 hrs

So far, the Tuff is only available for Canon DSLRs, but a Nikon version is to follow shortly. According to Lighting Rumors, the Tuff is available in the UK (kit including one transmitter and one receiver) for less than 90 GPB (150 USD). Individual receiver units will be available for approx. 59.99 GBP (100 USD) soon.

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