ThinkTank Airport 4 Sight Goes Through Airplane Isles Like Butter

ThinkTank announced today that they are releasing the industry’s first four-wheeled roller. The bag is sized to meet international airline carry-on standards. So on those cramped airline aisles you will be able to easily glide your bag sideways instead of picking it up to avoid people. In the instance where you need to roll on 2 wheels this also can easily be done as well. The bag will be able to hold 2 DSLR bodies plus 3-5 lenses plus accessories.

The bag also features 3 handles for easy carrying and retrieval. The wheel housings are extra high to provide protection from curbs or stairs. If the wheels ever get worn out ThinkTank will send a free kit so that you can replace the wheels.

The unit will ship in May and will be available to purchase on the ThinkTank website.