Nevercenter (Creators of Camerabag 2) Is Giving Away a Canon 5D Mk III

Nevercenter is giving away a Canon 5D Mk III and all you need to do is try their software: Camerabag 2. We reviewed it a while back, and thought that it was a nice compliment to other programs like Lightroom.

The rules are below: but we’re also giving away 5 free copies of the program if you’d like. Just comment on this blog post and tell us why you think photo filters (like the ones in Camera Bag 2) are so appealing.

How to enter:

1. Download a free trial version of CameraBag 2.

2. Post an image that you’ve manipulated in CameraBag 2 to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, or your personal blog. In addition to your own comments, your post must include the following text:

“Here’s my entry to win a free Canon 5D Mk III in the @CameraBag 2 giveaway (”

3. Submit your name and a link (in the form below) to where you’ve posted your image. Make sure the privacy settings on your post allow us to see it!