Profoto Shows Off New ProDaylight 400 and ProDaylight 200 Continuous Lights

Profoto not only makes excellent strobes in the form of the D1 and Acute2R, but they also make constant lights. At NAB today, the company released their new ProDaylight 200 and ProDaylight 400 HMI lights (and kits) designed for videographers. For those of you not in the know, HMI lights essentially give you four times the power of standard incandescent lights: and coming from cinematography school in college I can’t stress to you just how important and essential that is on a video set. Just imagine the power of strobes as a constant light…more details after the jump.

The 200 and 400 are named accordingly for just how many watts of power they can emit. They also feature a passive cooling system and air support. No, that doesn’t mean that they have their own fleet of spy planes; but it does mean that they can be controlled via a remote that dictates the amp dimming, output frequency and Air channel.

There are also kits for the 200 and 400 (at the respective hyperlinks) which feature ballasts that automatically senses and adjusts to all 100V-240V/50-60Hz mains supplies.

No word on pricing yet, but being Profoto gear, don’t expect them to be super cheap. The nice thing is that they work with all Profoto Lighting Modifiers.