Useful Photography Tip #16: Keep a Polarizer Filter Handy

I am the type of person who tries to keep a camera with them at all times. You never know when a good photo opportunity is going to present itself. The universe is funny that way. Along with my camera, I try to keep cleaning supplies, my BlackRapid strap, an Ultra Pod II and polarizer filters for whatever lenses am carrying at the moment. The polarizing is one of the most important things I have in my bag.

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The Polarizing Filter

Two types of polarizing filters are available. The ones I use for my Nikon D90 and its lenses are circular. The other ones are linear. I use it to reduce reflections from surfaces, like water, or to, slightly, darken the sky when needed for landscape photography. Out of all the available filters to photographers, the circular polarizer may be one of the most useful. Even though the filter reduces, the amount of light getting to your sensor it does give you bolder colors.

Picking a Polarizing Filter

Most circular are dependent of the diameter of the lens because they have to be screwed on. There are a lot of different brands and levels of quality, however don’t go too cheap. One thing about polarizing filters is they also act as a form of lens protection. So remember you get what you  pay for.

Why Was it Handy For Me?

While out with the family we stop at this one location and there was a huge Koi pond. I could slightly see the fish swimming around in the water but the reflection from the sky muted everything. I was shooting with my Sigma18-50 2.8-4.5 . I pulled out my polarizer and then I was able to see all the fish swimming through the water.

I think serious photographers should always have a polarizing filter available .You never know when you are going to need it.

Gear Used

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Gevon Servo

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