Vision Research Unveils The Phantom v642: The Third Generation of High Speed Cameras


Vision Research outed the Phantom® v642: a high-speed camera still has the ability to record and playback ultra-slowmotion footage at the same time like the previous model the V641. The V642’s footage can now be accurately color matched to standard or broadcast footage. Using new technology called “Multi-Matrix Color Correction”. Something that Vision Research added after closely listening to their customer’s needs as suggestions to further improve the footage processing for color work in post.

Now, what you get with a beast of a camera like this, is a 2K sensor (that’s good enough to play nicely on the big screen by the way.) than can record full 2k @ 1450 fps. What’s even more enticing is us mere mortals who normally shoot at 1080p. You have a whopping 2560 fps at your disposal. Talk about ultra-gooey, mega slow motion work here. I can just think of all the beautiful speed ramping shots right now to use this camera for. No wonder Vision Research recently took home an Academy Award.

The shutter on the v642 is an incredibly fast electronic one. 1 millisecond fast. This camera is guaranteed to have little to no blur, or motion artifacts on the image.

The Phantom v642 comes in a few storage configurations. 8, 16, or 32 gb. It also has a feature where the images can be divided into 63 different segments (or partitions) to store the footage on the camera. Think as if you were to partition a hard drive. This will allow the operator to create multiple back-to-back shots without having to go to the trouble to download the footage from the camera to a computer. As expected with a camera of this level, it can be hooked up to a broadcast truck, or used in a studio environment.

The v642 comes standard with a PL-mount for full sensor coverage (2560 X1600 pixels). Native support for 1080p using customized B4 adapter options.

Key  Features Include:

–      Supporting up to 90X ultra-slow motion at 2k, 1080p and 720p resolutions.

–      Multi-matrix color correction for fast and accurate color matching to regular frame rate Live Sport cameras.

–      Breakthrough light sensitivity, ISO 1200T color (ISO 12232 SAT method)

–      Versatile Dual HD-SDI, two HD-SDI ports for dual-link 4:4:4 or 2x 4:2:2

–      Multi-cine recording capability

–      Remote Replay Camera Control

–      EVS integration for camera control and playback

–      1 μs minimum exposure times for sharp images of fast moving events

–      Internal mechanical shutter for hands-free / remote black referencing

–      8 GB, 16 GB or 32 GB built-in high-speed memory

–      8-bit or 12-bit pixel depth

–      Extreme Dynamic Range (EDR): two different exposures within a single frame

–      Burst Mode

Most of you have probably seen what this camera has done. Many commercials, music videos, or Hollywood movies have used the Phantom to create some amazing slo-motion effects. Here’s a few as an example:

A wonderful example from Vincent Laforet.

Famous Footware: “Neighborhood” Spot

Anybody like  a cute kitten? Here’s another slo-motion example found here:

Phantom HD Footage of a Kitten

From what I could gather, no price has been announced. But, something on the high-end like this would not be cheap to own. A guy can dream no? I’d love to get my hands on one to definitely make something great.

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