1.15-Gigapixel Panoramic Photo of the Royal Wedding Includes a Sea of Low End DSLRs

The BBC has a high-definition, 1.15-gigapixel picture made up of 189 images and then stitched together. The full picture measures 81,471 pixels by 14,154 pixels with a field of view that covers 200 degrees.

I’ve found a couple of cool Easter Eggs that you may want to check out after the jump.

Amongst the panorama, one can see:

– A slew of DSLRs

– The press area for interviews

– This girl on this dude’s shoulders

– These two chaps comparing cameras

– This poor woman fumbling with her Pentax camera

– This woman looking like she’s overstepped her bounds

– I swear this is Doctor Seuss

– An umbrella and a rain hood for a camera?

What else can you spot in the photo? Let us know in the comments.