The Most Common Misspellings of The Phoblographer

When I started this website, I thought that The Phoblographer was a pretty rad name. To this day, I still do think so. Granted, it took me a day or two to even spell it correctly and say it correctly. The site is almost a year and half old and to this day PR Reps, Marketing folk, readers, photographers, techies, and others mispronounce or misspell the name. Here is a list of some of the best misspellings I’ve read, seen, and heard.

Look and read carefully. someone else owns that site. I should really buy that domain off of that guy, but we’ve got such a great standing in Google as it is, why bother? I originally thought of calling the site this, but the name is way too long and doesn’t flow off of the tongue as well as Phoblographer.

In fact, I fondly remember being on the phone with a network that wanted to rent the site and its content where the rep constantly called us by this name until I calmly corrected them. With a very Aussie accent, he said on the phone, “Hardest site to say in the world, mate…”

You can take a guess as to how that negotiation ended… I see this name hyperlinked across the web all the time in my Google Analytics and WordPress Dashboard giving me incoming traffic. This is perhaps the one that drives me most insane. The most famous person I knew of that did this was Mitch over at Planet5D. He’s a buddy of mine now and I can only be envious of being as big as his site is one day 🙂 Jared Polin at playfully said this to me at last year’s Photo Plus. In all honesty, he’s a genius because it put a giant smile on my face after being on the floor at 7:30 AM for B&H and then doing coverage for two sites while managing The Phoblographer’s staff that was available on the floor. This is one of the more derogatory names for the site and the hard work we put in, and as I’ve run into intentional internet trolls, I’ve learned to deal with them with grace. The person that invented this name has something out for us and questioned our credibility. To be honest, I think they started a competing site that mimics our style almost down to a T but have yet to figure out how to monetize the site or even develop a strong network.

To said competitor, and you know who you are: would you like a cookie? Or maybe a couple, your site could probably use them 🙂

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With all this said, I appreciate all that you readers have done to keep us alive by clicking out banners and links and making purchases to keep us alive.

Thanks 🙂

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.