Field Review: ExpoImaging Rogue Flashbenders (Day 1)

The ExpoImaging Rogue Flashbendersare the items that will perhaps replace almost all other pieces of photo gear in your bag. We’re saying that for a very good reason, their pure versatility.

What Are Flashbenders

The Rogue Flashbenders are three different units that come in varying sizes.

– A large square

– A wide rectangle

– A monstrously large bounce card

One side of the unit is totally black while the other is pure white. The bottom of the unit wraps around your flash head and the white side gets placed facing towards your flash’s bulb. The Flashbender can be shaped into nearly anything you want it to. This can help with aiming the light output by the flash.

More on this can be found at the product page on their site.

What Can They Be Used for?

– Because of how large they are, they can be used as reflectors.

– Roll the two sides inward together and they can be used as a snoot.

– Use them in combination with wireless flash control and they can be used as softboxes.

– Bend the sides inward for a very targeted flash beam effect.

There are literally dozens of different things you can do with the Flashbenders. This will be explored in the review as the units have tremendous potential.

Who Would Use Them?

Studio photographers: that want a versatile unit that can be a reflector, snoot, bounce card, softbox, etc.

Wedding photographers: That don’t want to switch out when shooting a wedding

Event photographers: That want to stay light

Photojournalists: That need to nail the shot in a heartbeat and that want to bounce their flash output accordingly

Fine Art Photographers: For creative effects

More to come in the full field review. Here are some quick samples:

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